Corona Crypto is a project that applies Blockchain technology to create an unchanged directional algorithm chain; make fund-raising data transparent through on-chain public archives; eliminate charitable organizations which are separate and unreliable to replace them with a divisional system — that is unchangeable and dispersible in preventing and stopping the Coronavirus from spreading globally


We airdrop a total of $7,878,787 NCOR tokens

1,000 NCOR ($10) tokens per person.

How To Get Your Airdrop NCOR?

Complete All Following Tasks And Fill The Form To Participate:

1. Follow Twitter:

2. Retweet the tweet using the hashtag: #CoronaCrypto #CoronaCryptoSmartChain #BSCNCOR & Tag 5 people.

3. Follow Fanpage Facebook:

4. Follow Corona Crypto Medium:

5. Follow CoronaCrypto Reddit:

6. Subscribe & Like to CoronaCrypto’s Youtube:

7. Subscribe Channel Telegram:

8. Join Telegram Group:

Please Complete the Following Tasks and Submit your form

The Airdrop Rewards Will Be Distributed in Early July.

*We will check all the answers manually!

If you unsubscribe until the end of Airdrop you will not receive NCOR.

#CoronaCryptoSmartChain #NCORSmartChain




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